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Getting the Most out of Travel Apps

Travel apps can be one of the most useful tools when
planning and budgeting for an upcoming trip.

If you use a smartphone, luckily there are many travel
apps available to you that will help you do everything
from uncover discounts to making last-minute flight
and hotel changes.

These apps not only simplify your travel planning but
they can help you save a lot of money by providing you
with the ability to quickly research every aspect of
your upcoming trip so you can find the best deals
available to you.

Here are a few of my favorite travel apps:
This is the app I use to book all of my hotels, especially
when I’m looking for accommodations that I can cancel
without fees. makes it really easy to manage
multiple bookings all in one place while comparing hotels
based on rating and pricing as well as distance from
major attractions.

Just be careful to pay close attention to whether the
hotel you are tentatively booking offers free
cancellation prior to completing your request.

Tripit makes it really easy to organize all of your
travel itineraries as well as important documents so
you have everything in one centralized place. You can
book Airbnb’s, flights, hotels and more.

Available on both Android and iOS, PackPoint is the
ultimate packing app. Enter in the length of your
trip and PackPoint will help you figure out what to
bring, ensuring you don’t overpack.
If you’re looking to save money on rental homes,
vacation homes, apartments, condos and private
spaces, you’ll want to start using Airbnb when
planning your next trip.
This well-known travel website offers an app as well
as their regular website. Great resource for booking
flights and hotels on the fly while generating a
snapshot of prices across the board.

And finally, while not an app, Google Flights is one
of the most useful travel tools online.

You’ll find it at:

Google makes it easy to compare flight prices across
all major airlines while showing you what dates are
more affordable if you’re plans are flexible.  Get Your Copy Now Click  Below….


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